1. Physical Treatment for pain & injuries — specializing in nagging pain and injuries + sports injuries — Above and beyond conventional physical therapy — people who have not had success with other practitioners/treatment approaches — preventing surgeries

-Step by step process for healing
-Resources and ideologies

Comprehensive Evaluation of the body to find the root cause(s) of your pain(s) & injury(ies)

  • Structural alignment of the body
  • The upper body, lower body, especially leg length must be properly aligned in order to place the body in the correct position to heal itself
  • Poor alignment causes dysfunction of the body which leads to pain and injury.
  • I am a specialist in Total Body Alignment

Nerve activation

  • Muscle strength is not muscle strength.  It is neuromuscular strength. 
  • The nerves are the batteries to the muscles, brain, skin and body
  • Every pain & injury requires all nerve signals to be activated for complete recovery and enhanced performance
  • As a Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner, Dr. Jack is one of the few doctors who can do this.

Tendon power 

  • The key to shoulder blade [scapular] stability, core strength, endurance, performance and eliminating pain & injury
  • Dr. Jack specializes in tendon-ligament training

Joint mobility 

  • Poor shoulder blade, mid-back rotation, hip and ankle mobility 

Active trigger points, “knots” in muscles


Myofascial restrictions

  • Functional Foot Evaluation/Imbalanced feet
  • No matter how good the practitioner is, if the feet are not balanced the body will never maintain its alignment and function
  • The missing link to maintaining body alignment and eliminating and preventing pain and injuries — makes some of most innovative inserts in the world which activate the muscles in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and glutes (which are the missing links of why we have pain

Adrenal Stress Burnout 

  • Prolonged stress [sympathetic state] manifests itself physically as pain, inflammation, tension, poor performance and sleep in the body
  • The body can’t heal or fully recover from injury 
  • The body will not maintain its alignment or function properly unless the body can process stress better


  • It is proven that the body is energy
  • If the energy or chi is not flowing properly it can contribute to a poorly functioning mind and body


Emotional Stress 

  • There is an emotional stressor inside every pain and injury

Weight Training & Exercise 

  • There are specific “At Risk” positions in today’s exercises that contribute to pain and injury and need to be detected and modified

Functional movements

  • Poor movement patters contribute to pain & injury


  • Train Around Pain certification – The Pain-Free Exercise Alternatives – A Mantione Methodology
  • The Perfect Sequence Rx Certification – Tendon Power Performance Prevention & Rehab ALL IN ONE!

A Mantione Methodology

Beyond Orthotics Certification- Foot Activators

Exercise KitS:

Kit 1: The Perfect Sequence

  • Inside Kit: resistance tubing, door anchor, half foam roller, trigger point ball, instructional poster

Kit 2: The Perfect Sequence Rx

  • Inside Kit: handgripper, elbow [support] "recovernator," resistance loop, instructional poster

Supplement Products

  • Tendon-Ligament Recovery Rx
  • Bromelain Rx
  • Go Powder [for energy]

Emotional pain and injuries

Specialization with Baseball Pitchers — performance QUANTUM NEUROLOGY

Injury Prevention & Performance Specialist



diagram picture of what is going on — infographics

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