I feel much better now! I think you saved my body with your medical manipulations. All my best regards.
— Yannick Djouadi, 100km World Champion, France
Thank you Jack for your passion.
— Bruno Heubi, 100km World Champion, Coach, France

“In November of 2009, I won the Masters (40-49) category at the NABBA USA which qualified me to compete in the NABBA Mr Universe, a life long dream.

I set about training for the biggest contest in my life, training heavier and more intensely than ever before in my life.

On Monday, November 11th, 2010.....leg day. I was doing squats with 405 pounds when I experienced the "catastrophic failure of my right quad tendon". I thought my competing days were over. After reattachment surgery and 12 weeks of my leg being locked "in extension" in a brace, Jack rehabbed my right leg and modified my squat technique from going "rock bottom" to going to parallel.

I went to compete exactly a year later and place in the final 10 at the NABBA Mr Universe contest in Southport, UK. I've seen other bodybuilders/powerlifters' careers ending by an injury such as mine.”—Richard Louis, Body Builder


“In constant pain, I met Jack after two shoulder surgeries, back surgery and months of unsuccessful physical therapy. I lost complete function of my shoulder. Also my lower back pain and pelvic instability prevented me from standing erect. Orthopedic doctors said my only option was a shoulder replacement, pain management and a wheelchair for my back pain. Telling an athlete that his ability to lift weights was over and that he is unable to weight train on any level is depressing.

I expected Jack to say there’s no hope, instead, he said we could work around the existing injuries and bring me back to be able to function and lift weights again. I am actively training again and regained full function of my right shoulder and lower back. Meeting Jack was one of the luckiest days of my life.

Many people know the textbook approach of physical therapy and strength training, but very few understand the art and are able to take it to the next level. For someone to practice something on the level of an art, they must know their subject completely. This allows them to be free and intuitive about what they are doing. Therefore, they can practice as an art. In my humble opinion, that is where Jack Mantione is today.” —Joseph Perez, Roberto Clemente Athlete of the Year; Paralympian in the Bench Press; US World Champ

Dr. Mantione has been a real lifesaver for me! For years, my back had bothered me, my hips would get sore — it was a mess! From my first visit, he made me feel like a whole new woman. His therapies really help alleviate and ultimately eliminate pain and discomfort, and really help me be focused on my posture. He’s a total sweetheart with a truly special gift and I’m lucky to have found him! I really feel better all around and can’t recommend him enough. I tell everyone to book an appointment, but warn them not to take my times slot!
— Dorinda Medley, Real Housewife of NYC
Jack uses proven techniques and innovative practices, keeping up on the most effective treatments from around the globe. He has kept me in alignment, in tune and injury-free for my biggest races, including three top-ten finishes at the Badwater Ultra, two 24-hour national championships, and an American record for 48 hours. Thank you Jack!
— Phil McCarthy, United States Record Holder for 48-Hour Race

"As an athlete, I want every advantage I can get; Dr. Jack has helped me to bounce back from injury stronger than before and kept me healthy. Every athlete needs to realize that maintaining the alignment of their body and strengthening the muscles to keep it that way are just as important as skill training and regular lifting. Dr. Jack has been the one to show me how to listen to and treat my body to perform at my best."—Chris Giglio, Division I Baseball Pitcher, Princeton University

Thank you for being the first doctor in 20 years to properly address my lower back pain successfully. Your skilled approach in treating my problem and helping me to feel much better is appreciated. I’m playing tennis again and finally sleeping without being awakened by pain.
Constance Marks, Emmy Award Winning Director
Jack Mantione is as good as it gets. He is almost like an improvisational artist – constantly re-evaluating, adapting and creating new exercises and treatments. When it seems like I’m not advancing, he can come up with something – a stretch, a crazy unorthodox exercise or a Chinese nerve twist – and suddenly my shoulder has made a quantum leap forward. Don’t get me wrong, he knows the book, inside and out, from traditional sports medicine to Chinese remedies. He’s an avid student, always reading and on the cutting edge of what’s happening in any number of healing fields. Finally, and this sounds suspiciously mystical, but he also has a kind of empathetic ‘healing vibe.’
David Shane, Emmy Award Winning Director

"I have never been able to obtain the power and intimidation associated with professional athletes. After coming off a season full of injuries, I wanted Jack to help me improve on my physical ability, size and injuries (elbow and ankle surgery). Jack’s treatment on my elbow and ankle were life changing.

I am a 5’11”, corner outfielder and after about a month and a half of meeting Jack, my range of motion has increased tremendously and I regained my full throwing motion and swinging speed. I gained over 20 pounds of muscle without the use of steroids. I increased my arm strength, speed and flexibility. 

With two weeks left until spring training, I have finally reached 100 percent efficiency with strength and flexibility in my surgically repaired throwing arm. I have also gained 25 pounds of muscle since the end of last season. This is the sixth year of my professional career and I feel that this up-coming year will be my best ever due to tremendous physical strides I have made with Jack’s program.

Jack has changed my life; he is the most talented trainer and therapist I have ever met.”—Norm Martel Jr., Outfielder, Chicago White Sox


"As a former competitive tennis player, current tri-athlete, researcher, and practicing physiotherapist at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, I can safely say that Jack Mantione is the single most talented individual when it comes to training the athlete. I will never forget the first time I sat in on a training session that Jack designed for a professional baseball pitcher, because I felt like I was learning to walk for the first time.

It was readily apparent that Jack has an uncanny ability to design a training program specific to the performance demands of a sport. Furthermore, he understands the implications of every movement that his clients perform. Any athlete who has worked with Jack can attest to the fact that he will not only significantly improve one’s performance, but will safeguard against injury during the training process in addition to competition.

If I did not know any better, I would immediately think that those who have been trained by Jack were undoubtedly on performance-enhancing substances. If one is looking to gain an athletic edge, the simple solution is to spend a day with Jack and your perspective on training and injury prevention will be forever changed."—Christopher Johnson, Physiotherapist; Researcher; Educator; Professional Triathlete



"Nothing helped my shoulder until I got treatments with Jack.  He helped me heal my injury after 2 years of being in pain from over training at teaching and the same time.  I am working my way up to the top 10 in tennis and can now continue to go after my dreams and goals.”—Nikita Kryvonos, Professional Tennis Player

“I was referred to Jack by a respected sports medicine professional who thought I would benefit from working with him. I was very excited to get started as his stuff was different from anything I had ever experienced in my 11 years in professional sports. He looked at my body and problem areas as no one had ever done. He explained to me how the way I was instructed to train in the past was not the correct way and was actually hurting my ability to perform.

After one session with Jack, my body and mind felt unbelievable and refreshed. I took Jack’s training methods into the season and was able to stay strong for what turned out to be longest season of my career. Being able to stay healthy and avoid arm injury is half the battle for a pitcher. In fact, I was able to throw the ball 95 mph for the first time in five years. I attribute this to Jack and his training methods.”—Nick Bierbrodt, Left-Handed Pitcher, 1st round draft pick; Arizona Diamondbacks


"After a great high school sophomore baseball season, and a summer pitching for an elite travel organization, my son injured his back preparing for a college showcase. After a visit to an orthopedist and x-rays, we were pleased that physical therapy was supposed to take care of everything; but after months of physical therapy, and then getting back to throwing, things just didn’t seem right. We decided to get a second opinion. After an MRI, we were told he had experienced a stress fracture in his back and that he would need to be in a back brace and do more physical therapy.  He wore the brace for 6 weeks, first 24 then 12 hours a day. Something didn’t seem right about this treatment either. My son felt himself getting weaker and knew he was losing ground in terms of throwing.

We decided to go for a third opinion at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Through a series of specialists we came to consult Dr. Jack Mantione. The depths of Jack’s knowledge about the workings of the body were apparent right away.  His work involving the integration of muscular and structural aspects of the body, combined with his background in and knowledge of baseball were just what my son needed. He walked into Jack’s office on an afternoon in early April and walked out feeling immediate relief. After two more visits, he was throwing without pain and feeling smooth in his mechanics. It almost seemed like magic. The difference between this and magic I guess is that you see Jack working, you hear him explain what he is doing, all of which has been of great interest to my son, who feels he has learned how to be more aware of his body and its nuances. Four weeks after seeing Jack Mantione, he was pitching again.

Now a year from the injury, three doctors later and three visits to Jack Mantione, my son has finished another summer of competitive baseball and has been able to pitch in front of college coaches at a top baseball showcase. Recruiting letters and emails have been coming in from colleges. We cannot thank Jack Mantione enough. The Mantione method works and my son is proof. We will be forever grateful to Jack for helping our son regain his health and for bringing him back to his dream of a future in college baseball."—Sarah Matthews, mother of Noah M - a high school baseball pitcher

After overthrowing at a college showcase, I began to experience pain in my shoulder. I visited Dr. Mantione and discovered I had rotator cuff tendinitis. I saw Dr. Mantione 4 times and in less than two weeks of treatment, I pitched a complete game shutout for my travel team pain free.
— Noah M., Baseball Pitcher
Working with Dr Jack for 6 or 7 years as a patient and referring my own clients to him. Would not recommend anyone over Dr. Jack Mantione.
— Ed Gemdjian, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Functional Movement Systems Professional, NESTA, Global Personal Trainer of the Year
Jack has profound insights into what makes our bodies work and why we sometimes fall apart.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon & professor at Columbia University, Pseudoscience promoter, Author & TV personality
Dr. Jack has saved me from meniscus surgery on both of my knees. I was a world class athlete, Jack is a world class healer.
Anne Hobbs, Former #1 British Tennis Player, NYC Teaching Pro
I worked with Jack for three years. Jack’s experience in health, sports and fitness, married with his compassion and sincere kindness sets him apart from other practitioners. Jack is not only an outstanding clinician, he also has a real thirst for knowledge and a genuine dedication to be the best at his profession. He insists on going that extra mile for his clients in order to see them succeed and recover from an injury.
— Lisa Chase PT, OMPT, Owner Back2Normal PT, St. Petersburg, Florida
My back has never felt better! Before I had a 110mph swing. After his routine my swing speed jumped up to 117-118 to as quick as 124mph. I increased my drive by 30 yards. Dr. Jack’s program made me more injury resistant.
Reed Howard, Pro Golfer


"Dr. Mantione has changed my life. His healing and foot inserts have allowed me to get back into competition after my injuries."—Danielle Perkins, Golden Glove Boxing Champion, USA Boxing Team, Professional Basketball Player-All-Star, Equinox Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer


"As a career hair colorist and product designer, I spend a great deal of time caring for clients, dashing to meetings and standing on the hard surfaces of the laboratory and salon floors. I care for “A LIST” personalities that demand the very best from me. The days are long, intense…. and delightful!…. But, they DO take a toll on this body: My neck, back, lower back, hips and shoulders all do the “ouch” thing more than I’d like.

While exercise and meditation do help, The careful body work and therapeutic treatments I so gladly receive from Dr. Jack.. make all the difference. He is a miracle maker. I get off of his table, feeling absolutely NO PAIN and energized.. I think it might be difficult for those who never or rarely experience pain to know what a hopeful, happy feeling this is. The fear I hold within me, wondering if I will always “hurt”...all taken away, under the gifted administrations provided by Dr. Jack."—Beth Minardi, hair color expert, designer, artist

Dr. Jack is the master of aligning the human body. He has helped me personally and also many of my clients. Our expertise have complimented each other to help my clients move with freedom. I will always refer my clients to Dr.Jack Mantione.  Thank you Dr. Jack for your help.
— Jonathan Bokelmann. Tier 3+ Trainer at Equinox; Lifetime Achievement award winner 2014; 2009 and 2013 highest producing trainer in all of equinox; nominated for personal trainer of the year award 2014

"My name is Damian Estrada and I am a Tier 2 trainer at the Equinox in Tribeca. About 6 years ago I had some serious shoulder pain in my right shoulder, I was decline benching pressing with heavy dumbbells and I felt a bit of a tear and some extreme pain on my right shoulder. Next day I could not move my right arm and had to go to a ChiropractorOur family chiropractor informed me that I tore my rotator cuff and that I could either do ultrasound and Physical Therapy, which would ease the pain but not fix the tear or I could have the shoulder surgery. I was young and eager to get back in the gym so I chose to stay away from Chest Presses and Shoulder Presses and decided to do the ultrasound and Physical Therapy. After 6 weeks of physical therapy and a new work out routine my shoulder seemed to be OK.  I have to strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff in order to support the tear. For the next 6 years I would have on going pain but I regained my range of motion and my strength. I was able to work out like I used to but at the same time I always felt my rotator cuff and it always hinged me from going heavy.

I started training for bodybuilding shows using the typical bodybuilding exercises for shoulders, heavy presses, front raises, lateral raises, upright rows, rear deltoid extensions etc. I would suffer pain throughout my shoulder work outs and chest work outs.I would keep doing my exercises from physical therapy but the pain would always be there. I worked to just deal with the pain and do shoulders after I was properly rested and take a day off right after. It was killing me that I was not able to work out back to back days, but the shoulder pain would not allow me.

With the help of Equinox education and workshops with Dr. Jack Mantione I realized that this is not normal and something can be done to stop the pain. After our workshop with Dr. Mantione I started applying a lot of his methods and ideas to my shoulder routine and realized that I was doing it all wrong. I was doing typical bodybuilding exercises that was making my shoulder worse and specifically aggravating the rotator cuff.

I asked Dr. Mantione if there was anyway for me to keep my mass and work on my shoulder pain. My biggest fear was losing size and definition due to adjusting to new exercises that would be different grips and different ranges of motion. Shoulders also happens to be one of my weak points  and I would rather deal with pain if I had to.

Dr. Mantione explained to me that I can still keep my mass and do my bodybuilding exercise but a different way that would not aggravate my rotator cuff and would keep my mass. He explained to start doing things thumbs facing up and not internally rotating my shoulders. He also explained that I can do partials to keep the mass and do the adjusted grip to really work on the definition. I was also able to start heavy pressing again with a new grip and adjusting my elbows. I am able to keep my size and definition and have not experienced shoulder pain in a while. I do not feel any pain when I do Chest presses and my shoulder rarely bothers me. Dr. Mantione helped me open my eyes and realize that you can still keep size and reduce pain by adjusting little aspects of your training. And these adjustments have helped me train consciously of my rotator cuff and confident in my shoulder strength.

Damian Estrada, Tier 2 Trainer at Equinox