An injury-free athlete and a pain-free body requires a unique approach to healing, performance and exercise.
— Dr. Jack Mantione

Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Dr. Jack is often called upon to find solutions to eliminating pain and injures where other traditional therapies have not solved the problem. Dr. Jack knows the exact consequences of every body movement and where injuries come from and as a result he works backwards to avoid them.

Dr Jack is known for:

  • “Outside the box” thinking
  • Cutting edge techniques
  • Combining multiple evaluation and treatment options
  • Finding and treating root causes for faster recovery
  • One on one treatment

Combining the best of the West, Eastern philosophies and a holistic approach to the body with his experience treating world champions and weekend warriors, Dr. Jack gets you back to the top of your game quickly.

Bionic Performance

Super charge your body and mind for superior performance. By combining advanced nerve and muscle activation techniques with performance training, athletes can get faster results, transform and even reboot their careers.

By avoiding “at risk” positions in the gym, together with Dr. Jack‘s unique neuro-muscular activation approaches, athletes can:

  • Eliminate nagging pain
  • Avoid injuries
  • Reboot their careers from injury
  • Reduce the affects of aging on performance

Its not just a training philosophy.  Athletes that work with Dr. Jack before competitions are consistently able to reach peak levels and further enhance their performance.

Align and Activate

The missing link in many treatments is attention to the feet. The body Aligns-Up. Based on years of experience, Dr. Jackunderstands the foot imbalances that lead to:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Pain and tightness in the feet, knees, hips, shoulders and lower back

I look for structural misalignments, weak neuro-muscular signals and faulty movement patterns that cause imbalances in the feet, bones, muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons and energy of the body. I activate the nerves to fire each part of the body, then align the body to put it in the best position to heal itself.”  – Dr. Jack

Dr. Jack makes some of the most innovative foot inserts in the world that activate the muscles of the feet, legs and hips to maintain body alignment, eliminate pain and enhance performance.

“Outside the Box” Seminars

Dr. Jack has discovered how to prevent exercise injuries from happening by medically evaluating every exercise from the inside out. By modifying movements in weight training and exercise from his own injuries and his years of research and experience working with those who lift weights, he has developed a unique understanding of the source of weight training and exercise injuries.

Dr. Jack shares his knowledge on reversing the injury epidemic we currently face in weight training and exercise. He educates:

  • Medical and fitness professionals
  • Athletes
  • Exercise enthusiasts

Knowing which exercises lead to injuries and how to avoid them is the gold standard that defines Dr. Jack Mantione and Mantione Sports Rehabilitation


From Little League to Big Leagues
From the stands and the bleachers...
To the TV and in between

Dr. Jack understands the medical implications of every exercise movement. He is sought after for his innate ability to find root causes for nagging pain and injuries in those that lift weights and play sports. Individuals come to Dr. Jack for his unique approaches for activating and aligning the body for injury-free training and performance.