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Dr. Jack’s “outside the box” approach is sought by many to detect the missing links to pain and injury when other treatments have failed.





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In the heart of the Mantione Methodology™ is how the old and new ideas are applied by thinking outside the box—use what works, discard what doesn't, and continually improve on what you know.

Knowing which exercises can lead to injury and how to prevent injury is the Gold Standard that defines the Mantione Methodology.™
— Dr. Jack Mantione
Jack has profound insights into what makes our bodies work and why we sometimes fall apart.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Nothing helped my shoulder until I got treatments with Jack. He helped me heal my shoulder injury after 2 years of being in pain.
Nikita Kryvonos, Former Number 1 Ranked Tennis Player in the Nation
I feel much better now! I think you saved my body.
Yannick Djouadi, 100km World Champion, France
Orthopedic doctors said my only option was a shoulder replacement, pain management and a wheelchair for my back pain. I am actively training again.
Joseph Perez, Roberto Clemente Athlete of the Year; Paralympian, USA World Bench Press Champion
Dr. Mantione has changed my life. His healing and foot inserts have allowed me to get back into competition and win.
Danielle Perkins, Golden Glove Boxing Champion, USA Boxing Team, Professional Basketball Player-All-Star, Equinox Fitness Manager, Trainer
My back has never felt better! Before I had a 110mph swing. After his exercise program my swing speed jumped up to 117-118 to as quick as 124mph. I increased my drive by 30 yards. Dr. Jack’s program made me more injury resistant.
Reed Howard, Pro Golfer
He has saved me from meniscus surgery on both of my knees. I was a world class athlete; Jack is a world class healer.
Anne Hobbs, Former #1 British Tennis Player, NYC Teaching Pro
Jack rehabbed my right knee, my back and modified my squat technique. I’ve seen other bodybuilders-powerlifters’ careers ended by injuries such as mine.
Richard Louis, Mr. USA, Bodybuilding NABBA, The Trainer of The Marvel Method: Ant-man Movie
He has kept me in alignment, in tune and injury-free for my biggest races, including an American record for 48 hours.
Phil McCarthy, United States Record Holder for 48-Hour Race
I added 5 mph hour on my fastball and threw 95 mph for the first time since being shot 5 years earlier. I pitched 5 more seasons for a total of 15 and never missed another game due to a sore elbow or shoulder after implementing Jacks program. Thank you for extending my career and helping my family.
Nick Bierbrodt, MLB Pitcher, 1st Round Draft Pick, 2001 World Series Pitcher With Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling, Arizona Diamondbacks


Injured? Hurting? Not getting better? Want to rise to the next level?

Dr Jack had to learn how to conquer his own chronic pain and injuries as a former high level athlete to be able to help others conquer theirs. Working as an “Injury Detective”, Dr. Jack looks for clues to get to the root cause and combines multiple treatment options to not only solve your problem, but also design a program to stay injury-free.

Dr. Jack keeps me healthy mentally, physically and emotionally.
Felix Cavaliere, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Musician, The Rascals
Dr. Jack is the master of aligning the human body. I will always refer my clients to Dr. Jack Mantione.
Jonathan Bokelmann, Equinox Trainer, Lifetime Achievement Award
Would not recommend anyone over Dr. Jack Mantione!
Ed Gemdjian, Equinox Global Personal Trainer of the Year
The fear I hold within me, wondering if I will always “hurt” all taken away, under the gifted administrations provided by Dr. Jack.
Beth Minardi, Hair color expert, designer, artist
Jack is a strong advocate of prevention of problems and using tools that are available to help a cause, as experience indicates that this is a successful approach and cheap.
Ted Corbitt, Father of Long Distance Running, Olympian, Professor NYU & Columbia U, Master Physical Therapist, NY Pioneer Club,
I worked with Jack for three years. His experience in health, sports and fitness sets him apart from other practitioners.
Lisa Chase PT, OMPT, Owner Back2Normal PT, Adjunct Professor, Former Director of Sports Sciences of the [WTA] Women’s Tennis Association
Jack has achieved incredible results with my patients where other physical therapists have failed. I enthusiastically recommend him.
Dr. Jacklyn Jones, Best Of New York Magazine, Castle & Connelly’s The Best Doctors in America
Thank you for being the first doctor in 20 years to properly address my lower back pain successfully.
Constance Marks, Emmy Award Film Director/Producer, Being Elmo
I tell everyone to book an appointment, but warn them not to take my timeslot!
Dorinda Medley, Real Housewife of NYC
I will never forget the first time I sat in on a training session that Jack designed for a professional baseball pitcher, because I felt like I was learning to walk for the first time. If one is looking to gain an athletic edge, the simple solution is to spend a day with Jack and your perspective on training and injury prevention will be forever changed.
Christopher Johnson PT, ITCA, Physiotherapist, Researcher, Educator, All American Triathlete