Is There Ego In Your Exercise?

Antionio Banderas in the movie “Take the Lead” has given bright inner city students who are great dancers of hip hop the assignment of learning their least favorite dance, ballroom dancing.  When the students are forced to make a difficult decision, he says:

“you have nothing to lose Except everything you’ve achieved so far.”

In the end they combined both types of dance by thinking outside the box and SPOILER ALERT:  They end up as the winning team! Isn’t that what advancing knowledge means? Think about this:

Continue to add and collect knowledge and techniques.  And…

  • the more we collect,
  • the more options we have,
  • and the better we can be,
  • and the more people we can help.

It requires us to put our ego in our pockets. That is something that is not easy for many (and something I personally had to deal with in the 1st half of my career). I can’t stress this enough: CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR AND PLACE IT WHERE IT CAN HELP YOUSTEP INTO WHATEVER YOU DO FREEING YOU TO BE YOUR BEST.

Life has an interesting way of humbling us, it did for me. Ego when it comes to weight training and exercise is a huge topic for another day. For now I leave you with this: Is there ego in your exercise?

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