Move of the Day-The Lunge!

by Liz Miersch
February 3, 2010

Today we begin the "Move of the Day" here on Fresh Fitness Tips. Stop by daily to score a fun new sculptor or tips on a classic toner that you can add into your routine. Let's begin with the lunge! Fitness editor Sheila Monaghan and I recently found ourselves in Dr. Jack Mantione's office here in NYC for some much needed physical therapy (I'm rehabbing my knee and Sheila is trying to make 100 percent sure she is injury-free for the boston Marathon). While he worked his magic, he shared some secrets with us about how you can make sure you're lunging effectively (aka with the most booty and leg-toning potential) and safely:

Dr. Mantione's tips:

  1. Keep your knee in a straight line with your ankle as you go down. Don't let the knee rotate in or out or go over your toe. That puts too much pressure on your knee cap.

  2. Make sure your hips stay even. If they drop to one side or the other, you'll be off balance and more likely to get injured.

  3. Beginners should skip walking lunges, since they can easily get you out of line. But if you're trying them, take a step, stop, and then lunge down. That way you'll maintain proper form.

Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps on each leg 3 times per week on non-consecutive days, and you'll be trim and toned and injury free in no time!